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1 --!pageconfig!--{filetype: bbcode, lastedit: 'Fri Jan 25 03:55:55 2008', pagetitle: Home}
3 --!pagecontent!--
4 [b]Welcome to your new site.[/b]
6 [b]BunnyBlog[/b] is the world smallest, easist blog/cms you'll find, and the BunnyBlog team is flattered that you chose us to run your site.
8 If you are seeing this page you haven't customised you're site yet. If you [url="./admin.cgi"]click here[/url] you can log into the administration page and begin editing your page to personalise it to your tastes.
10 Below this line you will see a temporary blog entry that has been created to demonstrate both this page as well as your [blog=page:archives]blog archives[/blog] and your [blog=page:rss]new RSS feed[/blog], both accessible from the links provide or in the main menu, which by default is on the top of the page.
12 If you are having an trouble, re-read through the readme file provided, or go to the bunnyblog homepage at [url]http://theodore.ucc.asn.au/bunnyblog/[/url].

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