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Mon Mar 9 12:29:47 2009 UTC (12 years, 6 months ago) by (unknown author)
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attempt four, getting tired

1 CGI appears to work and I think this is *pretty cool*. How about revision control? Bit of a struggle, but all seems well.
2 Template time!
4 I've just checked out the site from my local machine, let's see if the update hook functions correctly when I commit this change.
5 Okay, some mild commit problems probably that stem from the crazy permissions involved in running this out of my home directory. Hopefully this commit should fix all that, but now I'm getting perl warnings (?!) from the post-commit hook.
6 ...resolved. The warnings have disappeared too, that was a freebie.
8 Fucking suexec. Ok, CGI editing is back, now let's watch as SVN runs as www-data and fails to update. Maybe if I can coerce it to run as me. Let's see if that worked (it didn't). Attempt two, this time using the ikiwiki configuration file instead of hacking around on the filesystem. Nope. Attempt three, different flags. Broke CGI. Fixed CGI. Attempt four. Different suid.
10 All wikis are supposed to have a [[SandBox]],
11 so this one does too.
13 ----
14 This wiki is powered by [ikiwiki](http://ikiwiki.info).

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