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servers.conf  1.2  16 years  cameron  add new dec-server-rebooting options to example config file
Idler.py  1.20  16 years  dagobah  Stuff done
.cvsignore  1.1  16 years  dagobah  Stuff
CRC.py  1.1  16 years  dagobah  Need this :)
DoorClient.py  1.2  16 years  grahame   * DoorClient.py; cleaned up and has an alarm timeout in case of getting stuc…
snacks.conf  1.1  15 years  matt  Explicit snack support
MessageKeeper.py  1.3  16 years  mtearle  one shot stuff done
HorizScroll.py  1.3  16 years  mtearle  Toggle wraparound logic ... I think it was the wrong way around
LATClient.py  1.16  13 years  root  LAT version changes
SerialClient.py  1.3  8 years  root  [TPG] Increased serial timeout to account for vend time
MIFAREClient.py  1.3  10 years  tpg  Updated config locations for new machine (and MIFARE serial port)
SnackConfig.py  1.4  10 years  tpg  Updated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for prices (goodbye config file)…
VendingMachine.py  1.24  8 years  tpg  Updated pin code to work off dispense server's copies
VendServer.py  1.102  7 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
LDAPConnector.py  1.6  7 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
MIFAREDriver.py  1.3  7 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes

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