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.cvsignore  1.1  17 years  dagobah  Stuff
CRC.py  1.1  17 years  dagobah  Need this :)
DoorClient.py  1.2  16 years  grahame   * DoorClient.py; cleaned up and has an alarm timeout in case of getting stuc…
HorizScroll.py  1.3  16 years  mtearle  Toggle wraparound logic ... I think it was the wrong way around
Idler.py  1.20  16 years  dagobah  Stuff done
LATClient.py  1.16  13 years  root  LAT version changes
LDAPConnector.py  1.6  8 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
MIFAREClient.py  1.3  10 years  tpg  Updated config locations for new machine (and MIFARE serial port)
MIFAREDriver.py  1.3  8 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
MessageKeeper.py  1.3  16 years  mtearle  one shot stuff done
SerialClient.py  1.3  8 years  root  [TPG] Increased serial timeout to account for vend time
SnackConfig.py  1.4  10 years  tpg  Updated snack config to use `dispense iteminfo` for prices (goodbye config file)…
VendServer.py  1.102  8 years  tpg  subprocess.Popen, new pin code, disabled users, bugfixes
VendingMachine.py  1.24  8 years  tpg  Updated pin code to work off dispense server's copies
servers.conf  1.2  17 years  cameron  add new dec-server-rebooting options to example config file
snacks.conf  1.1  16 years  matt  Explicit snack support

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