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Tue Jan 29 14:32:01 2008 UTC (12 years ago) by svn-admin
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Re-import of repository after repository database corruption.

2 µ‹Gc@sodkZdkZeiidƒdkTdZdddddgZd „Zdd
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4 d „Z dS( Ns
5 ../modules(t*s0<input type="hidden" name="action" value="%s" />tconfigtdefaultttemptemailstpendingcCs™dkl}dkl}|ƒ}||d|ƒ}|d}||d<|o%t |ƒot |ƒ|dd<n|o||dd<n|i ƒS(sŠ
6 Return the current valid cookie heaader for the values supplied in the
7 userconfig, the straight password and the cookiepath.
8 (s encodestring(s SimpleCookietusernamesmax-agetuseridtpathN( tlogint encodestringtCookiet SimpleCookiet thecookiet
9 userconfigtpasswordt cookiestringtmaxagetintt
10 cookiepathtoutput(RRRRRR R R
11 ((t"./modules/logintools/loginutils.pyt
12 makecookies   
14 cCsQdkl}|ƒ}d|d<d|dd<|o||dd<n|iƒS(sKReturn an empty cookie with max-age 0.
15 Used for logout features.
16 (s SimpleCookietRismax-ageRN(R R R RR(RR R ((Rt emptycookie-s  
17 cCs |pdS(Nt EMPTY_VAL_MJF(taction(R((Rt
18 sortaction9sc
19 Cs­dkl} dkl}dkl}||dƒ}||d|_||d<||d<||d<||d <||d
20 t d t ƒ|d <t| ƒƒ|d <|iƒdS(sCreate a new user.(stime(spass_enc(s ConfigObjs default.inis.iniRtrealnametemailtadmint timestampt daynumberRtcreatedN(ttimetdataenctpass_enct configobjt ConfigObjtuserdirtuserRtfilenameRRtadminlevRtTruetstrtwrite(
21 R'RRRRR*R&R$R(R"((Rt
22 createuser<s   
26 ( tsystosRtappendtcgiutilst
27 actionlinet RESERVEDNAMESRtNoneRRR.(RR4R3R/RR.RR0((Rt?s    


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