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1 svn-admin 1 --!pageconfig!--{filetype: bbcode, lastedit: 'Fri Jan 25 00:43:05 2008', pagetitle: RSS Feed Details}
3     --!pagecontent!--
4     This page serves as a description of your RSS Feed.
6     [rss]The link to your new RSS is here [/rss]
8     To put a link to this, you have two customised BBCode tags.
10     If you type:
11     [code][rss]A Title for this link here[/rss][/code]
12     You get this: [rss]A Title for this link here[/rss]
14     Or for the short version, if you use the self-terminating type:
15     [code][rss/][/code]
16     You get the much quicker: [rss/]
18     This second version generates a link with the link text: [u]Link to [b]Title of your site[/b] RSS Feed[/u]

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